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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Dianna Agron

Dianna wore this vintage Chantilly-lace dress to the 9th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview hosted by The Diamond Information Center and InStyle

Vintage lace dresses
are always a hard sell and I love seeing them worn - wish more girls would embrace the lace. For some reason it has fallen out of favor - along with velvet.
Odd since both are such luxurious fabrics.


Sandra @ DebutanteClothing said...

Oh she wore this beautifully! I agree. I wish lace and velvet was more popular today. I think the trick is to wear these fabrics in unexpected cuts and silhouettes. This asymmetrical/one shoulder bodice is so sexy for a lace dress - not usually what you expect. She nailed it.

Louise said...

Everyone seems to be poo poohing this dress but I think she looks gorgeous. Snaps to her for wearing something so pretty, when all the other young girls are doing tough edged 80s styles.

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