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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Liz Goldwyn + A free Dita

Dita Von Teese and Liz Goldwyn hit the town in dresses that where an "ode to the nineties" Said Dita on her twitter feed

"Oddly, both our 90s dresses will not allow for underwear. I'm not being provocative; just stating a 90s fashion fact that we observed."

and earlier

"Headed out to a party with Liz Goldwyn in our "ode to 90s glamour" looks. She's Versace safety pins, I'm Jean Paul Gaultier corset dress"

Audi Golden Globes Celebration With Nominee Anna Paquin

Dita dress is Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2010 from his "G Spot" collection and Liz's is 1980s Gianni Versace! If I can find a front shot of Liz's dress I can publish I will add it!

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keenonboys said...

she is a porcelain goddess!

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