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Celebrity Vintage Spotting- The Awards Season

During the awards season I always end up sulking a little

Krya Sedwick in Vintage Chanel from Rare

The reason being that I start seeing all these terrific photos of celebrities wearing glamorous vintage pieces. Now I know I do these celebrity vintage spots as a fairly regular thing so I bet most of you just went "huh?" But it's true.

One of the disadvantages of having an on-line business and no actual publicly accessible physical space to shop, and then adding to that the fact that I am not in a major American city close to the starlets (read LA or New York), the disadvantage to that is that Gwennie or Nicole don't just pop in one day with stylist trailing after them to find the perfect dress.

Julia Roberts in vintage YSL from Frock

Most of my celebrities....

and by that I mean the ones you actually can see on the small or big screen, not just you fabulous girls who think you are a celebrity-in-your-own-mind
that's right - I mean you Miss

.....most of them are really girls who are just like you. I only have one celebrity that I have to wade through three assistants to actually get to - the others are surprisingly real and accessible - they just have secret codename hotmail accounts. They buy vintage because they LOVE/ARE OBSESSED WITH/LUST AFTER/MUST OWN and generally are nutty about vintage just like you and I. And you tend to forget that they are celebrities because just like when you shop with me - its all done in a series of mouse clicks and emails.

Marissa Tomei in vintage Traina-Norell from Decades

But it still doesn't take away the fact that I do have a bit of a sulk on during awards season because I can't really dress anyone with my current set-up. I am too far away and honestly for an occasion like that, a girl needs to try on a million dresses - real girl or celebrity, right?

Les Sigh

Heather Morris in vintage Belleville Sasson from Decades

I still love seeing the celebrities in vintage on the red carpet though and I am smashingly proud whenever a celeb chooses vintage over the VAST array of designer duds available these days. And most of the frocks being worn out there are on loan or purchased from some of the really great vintage dealers, so I am always a little proud of the industry in general in spite of my mini sulks.

Naya Rivera in vintage Vicky Tiel from Decades

Perhaps one day I will have to open a little space somewhere.
With extra chairs for stylists


Tammara said...

Yeah, got to have vintage! :) All the dresses look great, except for the pink skirt part on the dress worn by Marissa is not attractive - lol. She had the right idea going with the top part of the dress, but the lower part of the dress with the pink skirt doesn't do anything for her figure.

smashingbird said...

Marissa and Julia both look stunning, Julia's necklace is to die for!

Louise said...

I think Marisa and Krya both look amazing. Julia's dress was nice as well, but a bit informal for The Globes I think. You've got some showstoppers that would have suited her better!

School Girl Costumes said...

All the costumes are tremendous. First one is appealing.

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