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Norwegian Good

Thanks to Sarah Nicole Prickett for posting about the LAST Norwegian Wood harness that is currently available in this post for Eye Weekly:

BY Sarah Nicole Prickett January 06, 2010 15:01

Each Wednesday in City Style, Sarah Nicole Prickett reveals her weekly Object of Desire.

Object of Desire: Bird Cage harness by Montreal boutiquier-cum-designer and blog darling Norwegian Wood, $300 (a little on sale) at ShrimptonCouture.com.

I've already consigned innerwear-as-outerwear to faddishness; to that category, add the caged craze (Spring 2008: Comme des Garcons dresses; Spring 2009: YSL heels; Spring 2010: Rodarte jackets) from whence this harness sprung. Shoulderpads, in all their permutations and exaggerations, are surely a trend. And when they're revealed as here, denuded and decorated, they go from fronting bravado to flaunting vulnerability. (Kim Mimran worked something similar over jersey tops and cardis for Pink Tartan SS10, extroverting football-shoulder padding.)

But let's return to the unmentionable: yes, there is something vestigially Victorian in this cage's corsetish shape, and its pearly whiteness. But this is a deeper inside-out design, looking more soft-skeletal than lingerie-like. All those elastics! They wink at Spanx — these bands will never restrain or reshape, but instead stretch to fit nearly any body. Subversive, no? The genius of this piece is its gestalt-ishness: each contributing influence is of the moment, yet their sum is totally out-of-our-time.

And for all you Norwegian Wood fans - fear not Angie is whipping up a NEW batch of glorious goodies slated to arrive in shop soon - she has done an entirely NEW line and concept just for Shrimpton Clients that you will DIE for when you see.
IF I let them past my hands (insert evil laugh here).
Feel free to leave a comment to DEMAND that she sends them soon :-)

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