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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Katy Walsh

Kate Walsh attended the People Choice Awards wearing a vintage Sarmi dress that was completley sequinned. I love this look though I suspect that at some point this was a full length gown that has been chopped. It works better this way anyway - the long sleeve. high neck full coverage is not a look that you see often on the red carpet and the loads of legs helps balance it out. Personally I find it refreshing that a starlet does not put everything out there on show. Lots of skin is an easy choice when going for night time glamour - I think it takes a bit more to style an outfit with some coverage. I also highly approve that she has kept everythign else simple, simple. If you are wearing full on sequins, you don't need or WANT to compete with it by adding unnecessary jewels and baubles.

All that being said I think this picture is a horrid angle of Kate and the dress. But unfortunately it seems to be the main one floating the web. Its not giving her much of a waist but I thinks its the angle. Sometimes I think that there is not as much care put into choosing the photo that goes out to the general media when the garment is vintage. No opps for suck ups to designers with vintage - but that's just my cynical thoughts

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Louise said...

You could be onto something there. I'd love to see this dress up close ... the fabric looks gorgeous. And I love the shade of green too.

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