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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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The Halston Event

I was invited to the big SJP visit for the launch of the new Halston Heritage line at The Bay. It was a lot of fun and it gave me the chance to wear a few vintage Halston Pieces from my own personal archives - you know me - any excuse to throw on some sequins or a maxi and I am there!

I was the date of my gorgeous friend Nathalie Atkinson and she is the bestest of dates - making sure I met everyone and generally being the perfect partner in crime!

Getting ready in the hotel room - I am wearing a vintage sequin Halston dress as a coat over a black jersey vintage Halston dress. I carried a Halston vintage snakeskin clutch (you can see it in one of the pictures below) and the shoes are ages ago Miu Miu's. When I saw the pics from the event I actually wished I had gone with a different shoe but c'est la vie.

This is a shot of Sarah Jessica Parker with the big wigs of the evening. That is Bonnie Tahkhar in the sequin jacket on the far right. She is the nicest woman I have ever met! She actually dragged me through the crowd to meet Sarah Jessica Parker and I was moments from a big meet and greet but SJP was being interviewed and then the next moment she was gone. Honestly, it was a bigger thrill for me to meet Bonnie (not that you are not lovely Sarah Jessica) but I had read about Bonnie and Tamara Mellon (Bonnie is one of the originals form Jimmy Choo) and it her story is fascinating. I was quite enamored to be in her presence and wanted to drag her off with a couple of martinis and spend a few hours learning all her business secrets! Local business powerhouse, Bonnie Brooks, the new CEO of The Bay and the woman responsible for the huge fashion transformation The Bay has taken, is on her right. I have a funny story about accidentally asking Bonnie to hold my drink before I realized who she was (innocently BTW - it was moments before I was to be photo'd with SJP and I have learned that photographers hate when you have a drink in your hand and I was flustered and panicked). Soooo, I might have accidentally stuck my society shod foot in my non-society little butt, hence ruining my chances of getting Shrimpton Couture into The Room forever. Let's just hope she really did have the sense of humor she seemed to have when we shared a laugh about it later. And if not, then, oh well. I am what I am.

SO instead of meeting her this is my own best shot of the night of her
les terrible

Here's a proper media snapshot of SJP looking gorgeous to make up for the above

The brilliant Flare editor Lisa Tant. I love this picture of them.
Lisa you look amazing here!

Another gratuitous SJP shot for her fans

This was the thrill of my evening right here - this my little vintage fashionistas is moi with the fabulous Wayne Clark! I almost passed out when Nat introduced me. I have a few of his pieces from the 1970s on the site right now. Do I look like a gushing teenage fan? Yep I do and its OK! I was beyond thrilled! He is still designing and his line is in The Room now and its gorgeous! So if you are a fan you know where to go now - to me or to The Room!. But come to me first of course *wink*

After the big cocktail shing-ding at The Bay, Nathalie and I scooted to the after event for a few minutes. I really just went so I could change and wear another Halston piece. For this I wore a chocolate one shoulder Halston spiral cut gown, a black 1970s Yves Ste Laurent cape, YSL Tribute sandals and I borrowed one of Anita Quansah's spectacular pieces! Nathalie looked downtown cool in rolled jeans, the coolest brogues and a fantastic vintage gold coat that I wanted to steal right off her that night and take home with me! (This is another of those wonderful blurry Iphone shots My Guy is so well known for)

A very dark photo in the club. I so loved this neckpiece!
it got scooped up just after this though. So it is now with its proper girl.

It was a terrific evening and I think the new Halston Heritage line will do well. Especially with so many piece of it in the new SATC movie debuting this summer. I love Halston so I am fine with having a whole new crop of girls becoming fans.

I will say now and forever though, the originals from Mr. Halston himself, will always be the pieces that make my heart sing.

PS there was a bit of press from the event and being new blood I made the cut!

This is one of the pieces

I ended up with a picture in the Globe & Mail,
The Toronto Star & was in the Toronto Life party pages!


Style Odyssey said...

Great photos- looks like a fab event!
Sarah J.P. just gets more lovely with time.

Style Odyssey said...

I meant to add...love that cute photo, third from top. Beautiful hair! (You?)

Elisabeth said...

oh, oh--that Halston dress as a coat--well done! btw, I sat next to SJP at a charity dinner in Nantucket--quite the thrill, truly

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