We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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if you like the "scruffs and nicks of age" so much on vintage things, why do you have so much work done on your face? having never seen a "before" the "after" is really obvious. wouldn't you embrace that "patina"?

lol well I hate to break it to you but that is just not the case. Wonderful to get some love though - right back at you! I always say - as soon as you have the meanies you know you are on your way! Loves to you to baby

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BaronessVonVintage said...

meow...that's brutal! LOVE your attitude, though. Very Wildean.

Denise @ Swelle said...

Oh, the bravado anonymity affords the weak and cowardly.

And may I say that after having spent an afternoon with Ms. Shrimpton Couture I can assure all with a pathological fascination in our beloved vintage queen that she is most certainly as REAL as her Birkins.

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