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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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more bits and bites

Love this picture of Nicole Kidman - its from a spread in Vogue Italia

I actually really like Kim Kardashian - love that she rocks her body and says a big FU to the skinniness of Hollywood. But it drives me nuts to see those charms on her Birkin.
Seems sacrilegious for some odd reason.
and its too young for her.

lady gag looks like a real girl here -that is more shocking then her insane(ly fabulous) stage costumes to me - weird how that is the case no?

THIS is the lady Gaga we know and love

uh huh - don't fix what ain't broken darlin'

The story here was that Charlize Theron had a 2 hour delay and then had to wait another hour for her baggage. Yet she still managed to look fresh and fabulous. How annoying. The story for me was that I now have an intense craving for that Dior bag. I have the smaller version in red and seriously regret not buying the bog over-sized version now.

I defy you to be able to identify who that is at first glance
- Nope not telling yet -
lets just say I was floored


Anonymous said...

lead singer from Paramore?

Shrimpton Couture said...

nope - told you it would be tough :-)

Sydney said...

Kelly Osbourne :-)

Sydney said...

Kelly Osbourne :-)

Louise said...

I think Kelly Osbourne too.

smashingbird said...

Kelly Osbourne, how stunning does she look!

Shrimpton Couture said...

You guys are too smart! Serious would you have guessed Kelly Osbourne at first glance! Holy wow!

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