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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Cinderella Sale on NOW! ENDS tonight at Midnight

Shrimpton Couture is excited to introduce CINDERELLA SALES!

These will be a impromptu in-shop "Pop Up", done in the most couture kind of way!

Sometimes these three day events will be your the last chance to grab items at super low prices before they will leave the site forever, while other events will focus on specific designers, themes or decades; mini-capsule collections that will be chock full of pieces that you have never seen before and that will not stay on the site afterwards!

How would you like an event that had a dozen, never seen before, Ossie Clark dresses in it for example, or one that focused on the great American designers of the 1950s?
Yep that is the type of stuff to come!

Midnight til midnight, three days only

Our inaugural event features two extraordinary designers
that I LOVE having here at Shrimpton Couture.

The Glamourai whose GlamourWraps, jewels & baubles rival no other
RSVP, who is a master at re-constructing and reviving glamorous pieces from days past.

Some of the baubles & frocks featured in this event will be removed from the site forever once the event ends, making this your last chance to snag your favorite pieces!

JUMP to it here

PS The events will NOT follow a specific schedule but they WILL be announced 24 hours prior to each one's start time by email- sign up for notification here

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alexkeller said...

somehow i didn't get an email so i've signed up again!

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