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Spotted - Dita Von Teese

I could not resist posting this picture of Dita Von Teese in Las Vegas on her recent book promo (her book is aptly called Striptease) in this pretty toile print cotton frock.
It looks vintage to me, though Dita has been known to wear modern pieces cut to look just like their older counter parts.

What do you think?
Modern or Vintage?



Turns out its sort of neither of the above
I asked Dita through her Twitter account which it was and she said:

@ShrimptonCoutur Early 1990's Vivienne Westwood...

So technically its not vintage, nor new
Its what I like to call - Future Vintage!

(Thank you for the reply Dita! We all love you here!)


Faith said...

dita is so flawless, love her!

Jeanne Suica said...

and she is spending more time in Paris with JCDC's son so maybe our paths will cross here!

Make Do Style said...

Great dress though.

noye studios said...

vintage or not, it's a fabulous look!

WendyB said...


Sandra @ Debutanteclothing.com said...

Great detective work! What did we do before Twitter?!

Was she at Viva Las Vegas? It just took place this past weekend.

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