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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Christina Ricci

Looks stunning in a lime green vintage Galanos.

This dress made me think about how funny vintage can be. I bet that this dress languished in a closet or a shop for some time. The color is so vibrant and the cut is a little avant garde and distinctive that for many, many seasons it would have looked absolutely wrong. But for this season - this 40 odd year old dress looks fresh. It also serves to show you that good design is dated only by the attitude, style and accessories of the woman wearing it. I bet the woman who originally wore it this paired it with those (what seems now almost frumpy) low heeled shoes, maybe a hat and a tent shaped evening coat and maybe even gloves. Her hair would have been over-styled as was the fashion of the day and don't even get me started on her make-up. She would have looked wonderful in her day, but dated in ours.

Look at Christina again and squint a little, can you see that long ago girl?

Still fabulous, yes, but the dress looks entirely different doesn't it?

When you buy vintage see it as it is now, let it live now. Just like Christina has

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