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Lilly Allen in Biba!

Oh how I love to see a celebrity rock their Ossie Clark errrr Biba frock!

(This is why one should never blog first thing in the morning before one has had at least 2 coffees. One of my followers on Twitter has let me know that this is in fact a vintage BIBA, NOT an Ossie Clark. Ironically now that I am more awake I not only recognize it as such but I actually have its twin in black in my archives - feel free to laugh at me in the comments - goes to show you no one is immune to moments of idiocracy)

I especially love that side shot where you can really get an idea of how fabulous those tightly cuffed - insanely long button sleeves go up the arm before they billow out into intoxicating fullness! My only teeeny tiny stylist voice that is wayyyy at the back of my head is saying - Lilly that bust is a tad too tight but I will forgive her - it's not like she can have one of her people run to the shop and exchange it after all! I also would have worn a lighter looking shoe with this so just the dress was allowed to shine center stage, however its saved by the length of the dress and the fabulous, romantic up-do!

An Ossie Biba celebrity vintage spot is always a fantastic one to see!


Mother of Style said...

That dress is just gorgeous. It's so simple and yet it still manages to be absolutely stunning. I need some Ossie, er, Biba in my life!

Smashingbird said...

I think this looks soo fab on her, check out Miss Peelpants blog for pics of the same frock in the 70's! Also I have tagged you for an award if you fancy it!

TeeAndCake said...

.. beautiful !!! One of her best outfit !!! :)

Miss Peelpants said...

Even with my miniscule bust, that dress squishes me. Typical Biba cut, no room for even a hint of boob...great dress though.

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