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Gorgeous Client Post - Maile in Anita Quansah!

My beautiful client, Maile, is an enviable girl on several fronts. She is gorgeous, owns a spectacular, original bauble from Anita Quansah for Shrimpton Couture, AND she lives in Hawaii. That's a pretty good start for any girl, don't you think?

She recently sent me these pictures that she did for a post on my little shop for her blog, Island Sirens, and I had to share. I love that they are another great example of taking a huge, statement piece and working it into a day time outfit rather then thinking it would only be appropriate for evening wear!

I also have to tell you that the top picture in this series has to be one of my fave pictures ever. Its captured joy. I am proud to have been a teeny part of that moment!






Maile John said...

Honestly, your words are too kind! SMILES!!!!!!

marian said...

Maile you are goregous! I love anita Quansahs pieces!
You look fabulous in it

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