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Gorgeous Client Post - Christie in Anita Quansah!

Christie is an image consultant and runs her own firm: Personal Power Image Consulting. Go take a peek - she is really on the forefront of utilizing the internet in the services she offers - you don't even have to be based here in Toronto to access her! She is also on Twitter and this morning posted a picture of a recent, personal purchase she made from Shrimpton Couture - one of the extraordinary neck pieces form the talented Anita Quansah!

I immediately pounced and demanded a set of pictures to share with you and voila!




It's a great example of how a necklace that many people would think of as a might time piece can easily be incorporated into day. Christie looks cool and fresh! And just as a side note - is that A GLAMOUARAI for Coach Bag that I spot in the first picture? My designers are EVERYWHERE! xoxoxoxo


Sutton said...

what a great necklace ~ it looks wonderful on her!!

Christie said...

Thanks for the fab post Cherie! xo

In Fashion and Style

Maile John said...

I love the color in this necklace! AHHHH!

Shell said...

its just so over the top that you have to love it!!! Talk about taking an outfit from blah to WOW!!

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