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How to do the secretary dress


Eva Mendes can make pretty much anything look good, but I was particularly impressed by her recent appearance in this little blue Azzaro secretary dress. In the vintage world you see a lot of these from those crazy seventies days and sometimes they are good and sometimes they are seriously, terribly, horrendously BAD. Even the good ones can be tough to wear on the best of days and yet there is something rather compelling about them. There are some key elements here that make Eva's work- her hair is pulled up and away so there is not a massive lump created by hair and shoulders and bows, accessories are minimal (non-existent really) and bare legs and nude shoes add the perfect feminine contrast. The length is also SUPER important with a dress like this. Its hits just above her knee, longer and the entire outfit would looks schoolmarmish and shorter would have given her that whole porn star catholic school girl look. Most of the version you will find from the seventies will be longer then this - its important for a stylish girl to find a great tailor at some point. Trust me, having someone that knows how to fit things perfectly to your body and shape will get you MILES more out of your wardrobe then just buying the latest and greatest!

Well played Eva!

PS. The new look for the blog is almost complete - I will be adding some new features over the next few weeks but will be back to regular blogging! xoxoxoxoxoxo

 pic: People.com


fabulous finds said...

wow! she looks fabulous...i agree completely with you on the length of the dress...it makes or breaks the outfit...

Susan said...

She'd look awesome in everything, but this dress looks very nice on her

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