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The Glamourai & Liberace

I am always in awe of the style some people display as they go through life. Most of the time these people tend to be women for obvious reasons. Men are oft confined to a more 'suited" approach to life so their style range is quite narrow when you compare it to the glitz and glam and bling that woman can bring on.

So today when I popped over to the blog of Shrimpton's own The Glamourai designer extraordinaire (if you have not seen her work take a moment to jump to her in-shop boutique), I was floored by the pictorial of her recent visit to the Liberace museum in Vegas. I have vague memories of seeing Liberace as a child on TV here and there and remember him as being a bit of a poof of a man - big, glitzy, blingy, way out there. At the time it seemed rather silly and pompous, though I of course did not actually think that - it more the feeling I remember as I look back. Now however I look upon these pictures and while I still see big, glitzy bling, I also see hand-made, couture like, over blown FABULOSITY to a degree that in our fashion policed, watch out or you will land on the web pages of Go Fug Yourself or Perez Hilton, a degree of WAY over the top - in fact so over it there is no top, that I am quite enamored to say the least. I want a feather cape with a train and a Swarovski crystal covered Rolls Royce. I want a world where we wildly mix color and texture and say a resounding FU to "middle America sensibility"

Revel in these pics (scooped verbatim from Kelly's blog - read more of her fab musings here)and please take inspiration today when you venture out into the world - go forth and be glamorous!


{ never say goodbye } the legacy of liberace

as i mentioned yesterday, i had a game-changing, borderline-religious experience while visiting las vegas. no, i didn't get married. nor did i hit the jackpot. i didn't even go all fear & loathing. instead, i dragged my dear friend and vacation-mate cleo (who just started a blog!!), and our beleaguered boyfriends to the liberace museum. it was incredible.
for those of you who are not familiar with his legacy, liberace (pronounced liber-ah-chee) was a famous pianist, known for his over-the-top showmanship, a longstanding career on the vegas strip, and for being the highest paid entertainer in the world from the 1950s-70s.

from the looks of things, most of that money was reinvested into his wardrobe (a solid choice, in this case). apparently, he once single-handedly saved swarovski (the crystal company) from bankruptcy. an american hero, obviously:

but back to the museum. instead of being housed in a gaudy, glittering castle on the strip (as the lib's legacy so clearly deserves), it's nestled in some seedy suburban strip mall, next to the creepily-windowless good times bar (which offers 'recession specials' and opens at 8am! yikes.).

{ i wore: my most vegas-worthy, self-titled 'elvis sunnies' by devi kroell for vogue eyewear (last seen HERE), the glamourai necklace, s2vs shirt, betsey johnson dress, coach bag, lamb shoes }

luckily, this lousy locale belies the awe-inspiring splendor of what hides inside:

{ indeed, we have just seen a disco-ball rolls royce ("boy, it really stops traffic when i shop at safeway!"), a pink feather cape (with train!) and a swarovski crystal-encrusted piano with lucite lid & matching bench. OMG. }

perhaps my favorite thing about the self-described "one-man disneyland"? his intense dedication to finger-bling...

...though the details in all his attire were truly breathtaking. i mean:

like the man himself says in this video, "look me over! i didn't get dressed like this to go unnoticed." amen, mister.

if ever you find yourself visiting vegas, please make time for a trip to this hidden gem!

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fabulous finds said...

and don't forget the swarovski crystal-encrusted piano with lucite lid & matching bench...suddenly my ivory baby grand seems so blah...haha...

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