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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Fashion and The Arts

Fashion has a long history of supporting the arts and they often intertwine. I personally love the arts and believe you should only hang and own original pieces in your home. Whether they cost tens of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars - a piece that someone has created is always better then one mass produced in my opinion.

So I am immensely proud to present the work of a young and upcoming artist who signs their work A+-ce.

Expect to see his pieces here on the blog since I have decided to personally help launch him into the world. You may purchase the pieces featured here directly. The PayPal link provided is to his account - this is not Shrimpton Couture purchase (though I will assist with getting pieces to you). His work is intricate and sometimes dark, but always interesting. This first piece is two panels that can be hung as painted - all the lines and curves match up and create the "third eye" or place them the other way, on the opposite sides to show the "monster" within.




Artist's Statement:
Less on time and more about the now, think thoughts in red spheres and my third eye reveals the how.
With monsters ever present, I fear no obstacle and look them in the eye no longer hesitant.

Size of each when framed: 48"x11 7/8"
Spray paint, Charcoal, Latex Paint on canvas

$275 CAD$ for both canvases
Shipped OFF frame, rolled & tubed. Price includes $25 towards shipping. If shipping is more than $10 above that amount, we will contact you before sending. Will ship worldwide. All sales final.

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