We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Our new Stying emails!

Along with the assistance of Jenna, my uber talented graphics whiz & latest, greatest SC team member; I have been whipping up weekly styling emails every week. These are going out in addition to our weekly newsletter that gives you a peek at some of the items just landed in the shop and have a more editorial look and feel to them. (Maybe a SC mag one day, hmmmmm) 

I am really happy with how they have come out lately so I though I would share the last few with you for those of you not on our mailing list.

I will post the new ones a day or two after they happen. If you want to see them fresh off the press you gotta go sign up. The real incentive to do just that is the ease factor - the ones you get in the newsletter are set up to link to each item featured - you just click on it and it will pop you direct to that piece. Here on the blog you have to go hunt on Shrimpton Couture for what you are looking for - since I am not as technically adept as Jenna is I am afraid you just get to see the pretty pictures :)



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