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On Wearing Head Pieces

I send two newsletters every week - one has is a styling newsletter to help give you all great ideas on how to wear your vintage and mix it in with your modern pieces, and the second is a glimpse of the new goodies that just landed in the shop.

Yesterday I sent the latter and in it I featured two feather headpieces that I have just acquired. This is it in case you are not on my mailing list (if you wanna be sign up here):

Pretty snazzy huh? And that Biba coat is not too bad either!

Just after I sent this off on its merry way I received an email from Angela who was kind enough to send some pictures of her and a friend with THEIR fabulous toppers on. Angela lives in Australia and went to the Melbourne Cup, which is a HUGE event in Australia and happily an event where hat wearing is tres mandatory - LOVE that!

These two headpieces are by the talented designer - Fiona Powel and they have the same feel as the two Dior/Stephen Jones pieces I showcased in my What's New email. I asked Angela if I could share her pics with all of you and happily she said YES!

Angela paired hers with the infamous Prada flower dress (that ironically I blogged about before - read that here - and I DO own that dress now btw!)

Angela's friend, Pauline, is wearing her fab feathers with a leopard Moschino dress.

Aren't they absolutely stunningly, lovely and glamorous? I love the combination of the prints with the feathers! And it is just fantastic to be able to see real life examples on how to wear a head piece and wear it well!

Thank you Angela for sending these in!

If you want to recreate your own look based on these lovelies - here are the floral print dresses I have in the shop and these are the animal print pieces! Those fantastic headpieces are here  and here!

Have fun styling!


Yamabuki said...

Love both Hats
But still,
Red flowers
Accented with black
Atop red hair
Discreet nose pin
Ruby colored earrings
Silver necklace
And Ravishing
Black dress
With red flower accents
Blazingly Hot
Burning Flame
To melt any heart



Oh, I so want to dive into the head set fashion making scene.


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