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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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gearing up for the globes

Yep, this is the big weekend!

In just two days, we will all sit glued in front of the TV and see who wore the best dress has won the coveted awards and who was too drunk to make a proper speech made us catch our breathe in our throat and choke back a sob, with their thoughtful and heartfelt acceptance speeches.

Even more then celebrity appearances, I wish for a parade of vintage dresses on the red carpet (OK I would settle for even just three great vintage dresses, or honestly, even one - one really, really fab one - to remind the world just how fabulous vintage is).

Other girls watch just to ohhh and aww at the glitz and glam and the entire fashion world is as I type and as you read - in a frenzy of last minute preperations getting the lucky ones who will attend ready to go!

I won't be there this year but the National Post has asked me to participate in their Golden Globes live blog which will run my twitter feed (@shrimptoncoutur on twitter) during the red carpet and during the event itself. I will be tweeting about the fashion part of the event along with Nathalie Atkinson (@NathAt on twitter), journalist extraordinaire and ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey will chip in for the paper edition out Tuesday!

Expect tons of dyslexic spelling mistakes commentary from me, and astute,witty &much more intelligent observations from Nathalie!

Tweet you Sunday as the red carpet begins! !


PS Watch for the recap in the Post in Tuesday's paper too!

PSS I will also post the live blog link as soon as I have it - there is a whole team of people from the National Post that will be participating


Tweeting will start as soon as the red carpet coverage begins and tonight's Live Blog window will pop up at about 8pm at this link http://arts.nationalpost.com/category/ampersand/ - bookmark it and check in with us later tonight!


roberta chiarella said...

it is a fun night i will be sitting with my sketch pad -i create the "look of the golden globes" for the today show and others.i have worked in couture for years and the jewels i create are super high quality and handmade in the USA
all designs will be up jan 21-robertachiarella.com

elena daciuk - fabulous finds said...

congrats on "covering" the event! will be reading for sure!

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