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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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gorgeous client spot

client picture posts are my absolute favorite kind of posts to do! one of the downfalls of a solely on-line business is that you don't get that face to face time with your clients so when they send me pictures i am always extra pleased - it's extra work for them that i really appreciate and it makes my day!

just recently, my web developer took his girl grace for a jaunt through europe and she decided to bring a little scarf that he had gifted her from the shrimpton couture collection. she has cleverly rolled it to add just a subtle pop of color around her neck. stylish and gorgeous girl and a fabulous client like me? i think till is a lucky guy


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Colleen said...

Hey, I really enjoy your blog. It's interesting to read and a few posts made me smile. =) Oh, and aren't iPad's the best?


Loads of Love,

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