We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Lots of really special pieces just went up. Try not to die over some of the pricing. They are what they are, and at least I just put it out there as far as what items costs, unlike most dealers who make you email them to get the sometimes faint inducing truth. I never did like that practice. If something is going to cost $100 or $10,000 just own it ............or put it on layaway


I have gotten a ton of compliments on the new covers and page toppers! I want to brag a bit about the people that made that happen if I may! Its all from a shoot done for Filler Magazine and the shots where styled by my friend - the talented stylist Nadia Pizzimenti (book her through Judy Inc if you are interested - you will spot lots of SC pieces in her on-line book at that site too). Nadia slugs all the way out to my studio whenever she can fit vintage into her shoots and does a fantastic job in blending the old and new in the most fabulous of ways! I love her work and I appreciate all her hard work. Luv you girl!

The photography was done by Felix Wong and the Creative Director on this shoot was Ryan Johnson. It just goes to show you that we have some seriously talented people right here in Toronto! If you really want to get an idea of how great this shot was - pop to the main landing page of the site - shrimptoncouture.com and check out Nadia's styling of a dramatic Anita Quansah neck piece with a blankey like cloak!

Hopefully we will see more from this shoot as I have asked for any pics not used in the main editorial - fingers crossed!


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audrey73 said...

Hi!!! I´m writing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´m a vintage lover (although this style has not been fully developed in my country, at least up to now!) and I always follow your blog. I love the pieces you have in your online shop, they are very inspiring. All the best, Mariana.

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