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vintage at the sag

after a disappointing non-appearance of vintage on the red carpet at the golden globes, i was pretty pleased to see two pretty frocks make appearances at the sags.

dianna agron wore this stunning chanel dress. the workmanship even at the distance the photo causes is astounding. i am always a little wary when i see "vintage chanel" ....honestly half the time it turns out to be just a few years old....have any of you noticed that as well? either way its a fantastic dress

the other was worn by kyra sedgwick. kyra is a seriously overlooked style maven in my opinion. 

her dress at the golden globes was my favorite - hands down. the color was sublime without being jarring, the cut was perfection, the fabric delicious...i just loved it and i thought the tiny pops of green were fantastic as well...... it is a dress that i would personally wear in a heartbeat so i am probably biased

kyra has worn vintage before, so i was not too shocked that she chose this stunning, vintage thierry mugler for the sags. it was a stark departure from the tangerine silk gown she wore above and she carried it equally well.

a column of black velvet with thierry's signature pointed bust line was fitted to perfection on her. (read this previous post on mugler  to see where this shape comes from .......can you see how this is a modification of the motorcycle handle bars used in that insane runway piece .........i die!) 

I think she killed it. My only change would have been to do a stack of bracelets to add just a touch more pop. I am not a fan of the one single skinny bangle. A stack of those would have been killer!

vintage mugler is a favorite red carpet choice for celebs - check out how many i have covered here on this blog alone. his couture pieces are a no brainer for a high drama entrance ....... i wish i had some in the shop to show you some examples that you could scoop up for yourself, that when it does come in, it flies out in a heartbeat!

so now we wait for the oscar's .... wonder if we will see some vintage there as well? i hope so!


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Portable Closet said...

Kyra's dresses are so much better! While Diana Agron's dress IS really pretty, it doesn't seem her age.

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