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New Year yada yada yada

The beginning of a new year seems to be the time to reflect and decide what changes, small or large, you might like to make in your life in the upcoming months ahead. Even if you don't believe in making New Year's Resolutions (yep I mean me - guilty as charged, I am) it's super hard NOT to have this train of thought despite my reluctance to do so.

It's sort of like the equivalent of finding a fabulous new pair of shoes.

Bare with me here.....

Logical me KNOWS that shoes won't change my life - they won't make me magically loose 10 pounds, suddenly become one of the "cool" girls, or make men fall at my feet in awe of my great beauty as I strut by.

Or at least those things don't happen to me. If shoes make that happen to you - please leave details in the comments - like where, brand and how much.

However, I have to admit, as silly as it sounds, that for just a teeny moment, a minuscule blip in time, a fraction less then it takes to start thinking of what dress will look best with those shoes.....in that tiny moment, I can look down at my new-shoe clad toes and I just KNOW something grand is about to happen. Do you know of the moment I speak?

While I certainly won't make a resolution of any kind and I refuse even more adamantly to say that non-resolution resolution out loud to you, I will take a stand and declare in writing that this year, I am going to try to keep my focus within that tiny little bit of space between the ground and the stark face of reality. And just for those amongst you that require definitions and boundaries of such non-declaration declarations - by reality I mean that place where all the magic falls away and you are left with you - for the good or the bad. But most likely with the ten extra pounds still firmly in place.

I also think I am going to do a bit of a turn around here on this blog - I have never really felt like I have hit my stride with this whole blogging business. I feel great pressure to post fantastic bits of costume or be the first to post ground breaking fashion news, to have endless spectacular photographs or try to pretend that everything in my life is just a bit "more" (know what I mean?)

Ain't gonna do it no more.

It's no fun to feel pressured and frankly, I am just too grown up now (that's a polite way to say I am not in my 20s anymore), to let a silly inconsequential thing like a blog make me feel unhappy and obligated to it. Its like some dysfunctional non-sexual relationship where I am the woe is me side of the coin, So I have decided to rid myself of that pressure, just to slip it off and let it go, like a too heavy winter coat and trade it in for something lovely and airy and light.

Hopefully not so light as to dissuade the more intellectual of you out there, but it will be as it is and will become.

I am just going to tell you what's going on in my corner of the world and things I think you might find interesting about what I do - you know, the whole crazy vintage thing. And sometimes there might be pictures. Sometimes there won't.

I imagine most of it will be dribble and drabble, and the blabbering on of a girl who lives with one foot in the past and is trying to make it in a world that seems to hurtle forward at a faster and faster speed every day as it struggles to find its place into its own future.

But don't let me fool you, this is NOT a resolution - its just a maybe glimpse of something that maybe, just maybe might be grand once in a blue moon.

Happy New Year all



elena daciuk - fabulous finds said...

happy new year cherie! for a moment...i was thinking you were going to say that the blog was going away...phew! i look forward to the future posts...you are clever & witty in your writing...and that is all you need to be...the fabulous you...that you are!

Shrimpton Couture said...

Thanks Elena! I won't give up yet but it is a total pain in the ass some days :)

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