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Adolfo, Kamali, Ungaro - Oh My

I have to do a dreadful drive later today - our accountant lives a zillion miles away so a small road trip is called for. Before that happens I thought to post a couple of fabulous pieces for you - these are all easy to wear, slip on and go and are also pieces that will easily work into a modern day girl's wardrobe!

For day you might like this little late 1970s knit number from Adolfo. It has those fantastic high shoulders that really elongate the body and give the dress a surprisingly modern feel (even if it is a detail that was stolen from the 30s - who, at that time, probably stole it from far earlier times!) It's also a good weight - I cannot stand those overly heavy pieces from the 70s - and if I won't wear it I am certainly not allowing you to!

This OMO Norma Kamali jumpsuit is delicious. Its Moss Crepe and has a stylized utilitarian feel to it. To be honest I can't help but think that Norma took her car in to be fixed one day and saw the one piece coverall the mechanics wore and walked out with this design in her head. I can almost hear the wheels turning - ".....if I used a moss crepe...made it black...cut off those dreadful sleeves.....widened the legs and then twisted the front to give it some sexy...hmmmmmm....."

Thank you Norma - you did good.

And then there is this. Its so insane I think I love it despite itself. It's by Ungaro and from the early eighties and it is the weirdest combination of fabrics -  of a thick ribbed knit (it reminds me of the type of ribbing used for hockey socks actually) and then to contrast that he used ....(gasp) gingham

What the hell? 

And when I say "used gingham" I mean he added great poufs of it to make the sleeves and tons more of that same fabric to make that ridiculous skating costume skirt. And then the bastard made it all work? ARRGGHHHH

OK I am a little in love with it and am just spouting trash talk to keep myself from pulling it and hiding it for myself. I will admit it to the world. The only thing keeping me from it at the moment is my post-holiday tummy. Trust me - you need to be brave, have a really, really good Spanx or a flat stomach - the knit clings!

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