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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Beautiful Client Spot

Way back when, I helped Susie (of Style Bubble fame) find a bright and colorful vintage kimono. She posted a picture of herself in it on her blog and I posted that picture here, and was pleased as punch that she loved it!

I am even MORE pleased to know that she really does wear it as part of her ongoing wardrobe, and continues to do so. I found this gorgeous picture of that same Shrimpton Couture vintage kimono as part of a feature story on her and her style!

Doesn't she look fantastic?

She can put prints together with the ease of a master painter, that girl can. Susie is a serious print pro!

She is one of my favorite girls to watch style -wise. She is entirely original and mixes high with low, new with old, and established designer with the latest you-have-not-even-heard-of-yet upcoming, young designers.

AND if you do take the moment to jump to the first time I posted the picture of this kimono on Susie you get the bonus of having two styling examples on how to wear a vintage kimono.

Makes for a triple does of happiness for my beautiful client post today!


PS the picture is from a new blog discovery - Tales of Endearment,  run by Natalie Joos. You should go peek. The full story that this picture appeared in has lots more of Susie and her style too - jump here.

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