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Gorgeous Client Post - Rosalind

Rosalind (don't you love her name?) Bought one of the Simone's Rose pieces to wear to the Met when she jaunted off on a New York trip. She swore to me that she would send a picture and I am so happy that she did!

Michelle (the designer behind the SR label) is genius at taking vintage kimono fabrics and using them to make an entirely new and original design. I love this concept and the fabrics are so much better then fabrics of today - its really the best of both worlds. Rosalind agrees and even posed so that we could get the full effect of the part of the frock with the most of the fantastic design showing.

I love how she kept it bare at the top but added tights and pretty pumps (I am sure it was still pretty chilly in NYC). Simple gold hoops and a beautiful cuff on the arm that is more bare adds the perfect touches.

What a gorgeous girl!

Shop Michelle's collection in our reconstructed boutique here. There are not many pieces left but more are on the way!! (and the maxi versions you will see that are still left - those are to DIE in person!)


Prad Savania said...

Cool dress, love the pattern x

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