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Gorgeous Client Post - Dagmar

I am just back from Europe. I spent a glorious week tromping about Switzerland and Italy buying lovely pieces for all of you!! I will be sharing pictures and posts from there in the upcoming weeks - I hope you enjoy!

In the meantime, I am the happiest girl because I have a SLEW of gorgeous clients in Shrimpton Couture pieces to share with you! I am actually a little behind so expect a ton of posts!!

Today I want to share gorgeous Dagmar with you, who took full advantage of the Featured Closet event we have underway with Judy of Atlantis Home and Jane of Sea of Shoes. (more stuff is coming soon from them too btw - just in case you missed out!). Dagmar scooped a few lovely pieces and shared them with me and her readers of her stellar blog Beauty Country! I love how she took these pieces and made them utterly and completely her own - she has a quirky sense of style and it is a real treat seeing how she mixed these pieces up! Enjoy

This 1980s Diane Freis got the hippie chic treatment

Then it's a take on old hollywood glamour - this crazy 1960s lame piece goes sleek polished glam on Dagmar

I loved seeing this one - these eighties huge shouldered pieces can be a challenge for girls to style - Dagmar belted and made hers in a tunic! Brilliant

And this one is super - we get to see it styled two ways - first on Judy with a classic twist and then the Dagmar way with her unique, colorful, happy twist!

Did you just die over those shoes? They are Fam Irvoll - I cracked up when I saw them - and for the oddest reason they actually work!! Love it!


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Beautycountry said...

awwww...:D lovely, and thanks!! Fun reading this :)

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