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{should have been vintage} at the met

this dress made me automatically think of the amazing applique & embroidered daisy gown that I just listed recently. yes my dress' skirt is almost as full, but, it needs to be on a real girl to really get the full effect. they certainly do share some similarities don't you agree?

dakota fanning's version is not vintage - it's valentino resort 2011. it is easy at first glance to think it might be vintage. now, the house of valentino does not deliberately design pieces to appear as if they are vintage like some designers do ........ no, their designs are just so classic and timeless that they have become part of the very basis of what we think of as a vintage look.

no matter what year a gown by valentino was actually designed and made in, you often will look at a valentino piece and be a bit stumped - old or new?

people will sometimes question what makes a designer great - just add the above thought into your answer.......

photos: redcarpet-fashionawards.com, justjared.com
info on the 1970s applique daisy dress here


Louise said...

I loved this dress and the one that you've just listed is gorgeous too. Perfect for someone that age I think.

Wholesale fashion said...

Great picture :)

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