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Celebrity Vintage Spot - Vanessa Hudgens

After what seemed like a blight on celebrities wearing vintage last year (is there a correlation between the economy and wearing vintage do you think??) they seem to be jumping back into the "I want to be the only girl wearing this" attitude instead of "I want to be wearing the newest thing off the runway"

That makes me a happy girl. I love when celebrities wear vintage. Mainly because it gives all of us vintage loving girls top notch styling tips.  But also because it demonstrates that really great vintage lasts. A gorgeous dress is a gorgeous dress. Period. Old or new. Older just happens to usually be more interesting and better made then today's -good for one season only- pieces.

I love Ossie Clark. There is something about the drape, the cut, the fabrics, the colors - he was just in his own groove. It's not that he re-invented the wheel, he just made it sexy. Every time I see an Ossie I think of a line I read years and years ago that went along the lines of "a girl just can't have a bad time when she wears an Ossie Clark". I have to tell you - so far that line has been the gospel truth for me. Silly, but I like to think of my Ossie's like magic charms. A girl is prettier, sexier, longer, leaner and more alluring in one - even a girl like me who is only super model height in her own mind.

Vanessa Hudgen wore a black wrap moss crepe Ossie Clark for Quorum at a premiere recently. It's one of his earliest pieces which makes is roughly 46 or 47 years old. Double the age of her almost. She knocked it out of the park. It looks as young and fresh as if it was indeed,  the newest thing off the runway.

Hard to argue the theory of "a girl just can't have a bad time when she wears an Ossie Clark" when you see these pictures. There is no way a girl who looks like this in that dress had a bad night.


Insider Vintage Spot - Carine Rotfeld

Carine looked stunning in the vintage Valentino gown. I found this vintage spot especially interesting as Carine is known for her rock chic, black eyeliner, edgy look. So in choosing this admittedly romantic lace confection she gives a nod to her softer side but stays true to her inner rock goddess because its black and she carries it with the same aplomb as her edgiest of ensembles.


A Royal Vintage Spot

The vintage bug has even penetrated the newly minted royal.
The suit Kate Middleton wears is reportedly vintage Amanda Wakely!
Suddenly I am a fan 

Photo: Getty through Red Carpet Fashion Awards


Celebrity Vintage Spot - Eva Mendes

Looks smoking in her Roland Mouret dress that she paired with a big dramatic YSL vintage necklace. Rachel Zoe styles Eva - wanna bet this is a loaner - it has that RZ look to me!

Photo: Getty via red carpet fashion awards


Celebrating the Style of a Shrimpton Couture Client - Michelle Harper

Michelle is one of those girls that you notice no matter what. Whether you love her style or not, you cannot help but admire it. She takes risks. Dresses for herself. Is eccentric and truly glamorous. She is intelligent and articulate. She has created a live where she can, and does, dress to the extreme - if she feels like it. She loves vintage and is an avid collector. When she first contacted me to buy the Galanos outfit she wears in the first picture below I had no idea who she was. But I had an inkling based on her selection that she must be someone special. I was right.

It is fun to do outfit posts when clients send me pictures but in Michelle's case I went on-line and grabbed other pictures for you to see too. I want you to really get the scope of how daring this girl can be. These are just a few. This is a girl who dresses like this every day.

This 1970s Galanos outfit will always be one of my favorite pieces to have had in the shop. So happy it went to Michelle! The under piece is actually a jumpsuit with balloon pants that end at the knee. A floating silk skirt wraps over it. Amazing and Michelle looks fantastic in it paired with her lust worthy Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses - a vintage fashion holy grail.

Full on ball gown moment

Love this photo - its timeless, futuristic, and vintage all at the same time. Trying hitting that combination the next time you dress.

Those fantastic Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses again - these are the butterfly version - there are very few of these out there. The coat is 1960s marabou  and that fan in most likely antique. There is a subtle play on a theme here - wings and feathers.....

 This twenties flapper dress makes my breathe stop. Literally. The work, the cut. It is really something I am glad I have not seen on person. I would probably be reduced to a small pile of begging, weeping pitiful, greedy lusting girlness. Then I would grab it and try to make a run for it.

Just being honest.

Dior hat& Balenciaga opera coat. The tonality against her skin...the bangs just peeking out..the kitsch of the doll mixed with the highest of couture. Lovely moment.

I snagged this pic immediately as it really shows that those chiffon thirties dresses that we all love and drool over are actually very modern and wearable. Mere mortal girls may want to pair theirs with nude slips but Michelle's more daring choice...well for some reason does not seem so daring for her, does it?

At an event in her grandmother's custom lynx fur from the early 1950s.

In one of her many fantastic vintage hats.

And this dear readers is a piece I can safely bet most of you have never seen, nor knew existed. It is a gold lame flapper wig. Exceedingly rare, exceedingly valuable and exceedingly beautiful. It is, like the girl who wears it - a work of art.


pictures from various sources - tales of endearment, style.com, contactmusic.com & others.
I apologize if I missed giving credit - email me and I will add it if a pic is yours.


Gorgeous Client Post - Kelly Framel

Not only is this a fan-tab-ulous client spot featuring of one of our very own past collaborators - Kelly Framel - designer extraordinaire of The Glamourai - but even the New York Times took note!

Kelly looked stunning in her Shrimpton Couture 1970s Bill Blass frock at the Parson's Gala and was featured in the NYT write up on the event!



Gorgeous Client Post - Rosalind

Rosalind (don't you love her name?) Bought one of the Simone's Rose pieces to wear to the Met when she jaunted off on a New York trip. She swore to me that she would send a picture and I am so happy that she did!

Michelle (the designer behind the SR label) is genius at taking vintage kimono fabrics and using them to make an entirely new and original design. I love this concept and the fabrics are so much better then fabrics of today - its really the best of both worlds. Rosalind agrees and even posed so that we could get the full effect of the part of the frock with the most of the fantastic design showing.

I love how she kept it bare at the top but added tights and pretty pumps (I am sure it was still pretty chilly in NYC). Simple gold hoops and a beautiful cuff on the arm that is more bare adds the perfect touches.

What a gorgeous girl!

Shop Michelle's collection in our reconstructed boutique here. There are not many pieces left but more are on the way!! (and the maxi versions you will see that are still left - those are to DIE in person!)


Gorgeous Client Post - Dagmar

I am just back from Europe. I spent a glorious week tromping about Switzerland and Italy buying lovely pieces for all of you!! I will be sharing pictures and posts from there in the upcoming weeks - I hope you enjoy!

In the meantime, I am the happiest girl because I have a SLEW of gorgeous clients in Shrimpton Couture pieces to share with you! I am actually a little behind so expect a ton of posts!!

Today I want to share gorgeous Dagmar with you, who took full advantage of the Featured Closet event we have underway with Judy of Atlantis Home and Jane of Sea of Shoes. (more stuff is coming soon from them too btw - just in case you missed out!). Dagmar scooped a few lovely pieces and shared them with me and her readers of her stellar blog Beauty Country! I love how she took these pieces and made them utterly and completely her own - she has a quirky sense of style and it is a real treat seeing how she mixed these pieces up! Enjoy

This 1980s Diane Freis got the hippie chic treatment

Then it's a take on old hollywood glamour - this crazy 1960s lame piece goes sleek polished glam on Dagmar

I loved seeing this one - these eighties huge shouldered pieces can be a challenge for girls to style - Dagmar belted and made hers in a tunic! Brilliant

And this one is super - we get to see it styled two ways - first on Judy with a classic twist and then the Dagmar way with her unique, colorful, happy twist!

Did you just die over those shoes? They are Fam Irvoll - I cracked up when I saw them - and for the oddest reason they actually work!! Love it!



{should have been vintage} at the met

this dress made me automatically think of the amazing applique & embroidered daisy gown that I just listed recently. yes my dress' skirt is almost as full, but, it needs to be on a real girl to really get the full effect. they certainly do share some similarities don't you agree?

dakota fanning's version is not vintage - it's valentino resort 2011. it is easy at first glance to think it might be vintage. now, the house of valentino does not deliberately design pieces to appear as if they are vintage like some designers do ........ no, their designs are just so classic and timeless that they have become part of the very basis of what we think of as a vintage look.

no matter what year a gown by valentino was actually designed and made in, you often will look at a valentino piece and be a bit stumped - old or new?

people will sometimes question what makes a designer great - just add the above thought into your answer.......

photos: redcarpet-fashionawards.com, justjared.com
info on the 1970s applique daisy dress here
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