We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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3 Day Shipping Special!

For the next three days I am offering FREE world-wide shipping on any item purchased from the Treasure Hunt section at Shrimpton Couture!

Stuff has to go and I need to make room for all the new items waiting in line to get up on the site! As I look at my RACKS of vintage and think of packing it all up in a few weeks I seriously just want to crumble into a corner weeping at the thought of the work it will take! So you are going to see tons of updates in an amongst my upcoming travels over the next few weeks before the big move date.

Yes girls, even though I have tons of stock I am going off again - New York and then Europe and Russia!! (Yippeeee!!)

But before all that I am solemnly swearing here and now that I will even part with some of my designer collection - yep I am sitting on a virtual treasure trove of Ossie's, Biba's and a dozen other designers!

If you have peeked at the site you may have noticed a new Ossie up already- I can't do them all at once. (It is quite frankly too damn painful when they actually do leave me to do tons at once - I have to admit my hands actually shake as I drop them off in the post box - pathetic but true) but my collection has grown out of control lately and I have to suck it up and let things go.

Do you think this qualifies as an actual psychosis? Post-vintage trauma maybe?

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