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A TERRIBLE Celebrity Vintage Spot

So yes, its a great thing that Kirsten Dunst is wearing vintage everywhere and anywhere as she promotes Spidey 3


What is this? It's a mockery of vintage Yves Saint Laurent that's what it is.

if she was
1. Taller
2. Did not have a flower the size of her head attached to her head
3. Had chosen a better bag
4. NOT worn shoes with flowers on the toe that match the flower in her head that should not be there
4. Had a different toed shoe on altogether
5. Learn how to stand for the cameras - in other words DO NOT point toes towards each other
oh and maybe
6. Worn something else?

If you love vintage ....which you do
and you want to wear it publicly
......which you do

Can you come see me
And if that doesn't work for you ...before you leave the house hear in your ear one magic word from me to you that will save you from these situations in the future......



Sylvia said...

LMAO...wow, that is awful and I think you managed to mention all of the awful things about it. The entire look is all wrong, maybe the dress on its own would've been enough...

Anne said...

That is TERRIBLE for sure! Good God what on earth is she thinking?

Style IT said...

While taken out of context this dress could appear awful. However, Kirsten paid homage to not only Poiret but his muse, his wife. Therefore, this outfit is not garish or insulting, it's sweet and inspired.

Pauline said...

I do not agree with Style It - I have seen several photos of Denise Poiret and know Poiret's work - this dress does not have the same feel or lines to it at all! She does try but tries too hard and seems to miss the mark

Anonymous said...

terrible outfit

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