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Diary, fugs and latex

Yesterday's dinner outfit.
Vintage Oscar De La Renta dress
Gucci Cuff
Alexandar Mcqueen shoes (they have PINK soles!!)

Not bad considering I had the worst hang-over in existence huh? This is when we all close our eyes, bow our heads and say a little prayer of thanks for make-up girls

On another note - I see Gwyneth is getting bashed for wearing this:

I guess I am a fashion skank cause I think she looks fucking great.
Apparently I am wrong and she looks like she is "wearing a doily"; "a diaper"; she "looks bulgy in places" and it goes on and on. Whatever. I am going to nominate myself as the Champion of all those wearing great outfits - defender of all girls who are not mainstream, middle America-no imagination-probably wear sweat pants every day and who shudder at the very concept of a dress.
From now on I am the champion of the girl who takes chances and it doesn't turn out too bad and sometimes it turns out beyond fantastic.

Do you know how easy it is to be cookie cutter pretty these days?

Dye your hair blonde - check
get a nose job - check
get boobs done - check
get filler and your lips done - check
Wear lots of make-up and have it professionally done - check
Get a stylist or personal shopper and wear only labels and ONLY the 'safe' stuff - this season of course - check

and I am not against ANY of the above things - so don't even try to go there - but you know as well as I do that when you pass a certain girl on the street who looks to be a certain way these days it because she has it ALL done and that girl looks just like 20 others who look like 20 others and so on and so on

Whatever happened to being original? Or taking a risk?

Look at Wendy B - one of my favorite vintage wearing Divas

She is wearing an Ossie Clark dress with latex leggings.
Even she mocks the calling of the fashion police on her blog post, because of her ensemble.
She KNOWS that at some level for some unimaginative girl out there she has "gasp" broken a fashion rule. If she was uber famous she would probably be fugged right now for it.


She looks great and I only wish I thought of the combo first.

And that is my official Champion-of-the-girl-who-takes-fashion-risks stance.


WendyB said...

Oh my! I am so honored to be in the same post as Gwyneth. I loved the Gwyneth dress too! I haven't even read the comments fugging it, luckily, because I'm losing my temper with everyone as it is and don't need that to get worse. I think Gwyneth looks gorgeous and I bet she felt special and had a great time that night. You know how the best part of a party is always getting dressed for it? I'm sure she had a better time than anyone else there because she looked interesting rather than safe. Go Gwyneth!

WendyB said...

Oops, I also meant to say that that de la Renta is hot!

hope505 said...

Your Alex McQ shoes are th'BOMB!! !! !! !! (::jealousjealous::) and I, for one, like Gwynnie's dress, even though I personally could not wear that super-short length. It looks great on her!

Amy said...

Okay, I *really* thought I was the only one that loved her in that dress. I do love her in that dress. Her new hair is amazing. I absolutely agree with you. I love the 1960's-miniskirt-feel to it.

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