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Future Vintage .......

Or just in MY future closet (giggle)

Let's talk the Dries Van Noten Spring 2008 show today and maybe look at some others later on in the week. I was a bit of a shoe slut last season with Dries shoes so was eager to see what Dries had to offer for spring. I am nit a die-hard Dries fan - tis a bit too loose and unstructured for moi. But I find there is always a piece or two that is unabashedly fabulous in its line or craftsmanship. He tends to do at least one piece that is wonderfully hand beaded and/or draws strong ethnic references to the culture and craftsmanship. Those are the pieces that I am drawn too and will invest in - they will be the pieces all of our children's children will go see in a Museum one day.

These shoes are so mine. I love them! They are so different from anything else but are not ridiculously stupidly stacked like so many of the shitty shoes out there this year

Love the 1920s craftsmanship on this piece - I would have it slightly tailored though - and yes I know its meant to be this way but it has to work on a girl you know

Love this - just a super mix of fabric, pattern, bead work and sex

And oddly I actually like this. I know it is probably fugly and would get bashed instantly upon wearing publicly but I love it anyway - sans necklace, sans hat and adding sky scraping platform sandals. Oh and add a vintage Lanvin necklace and a vintage Hermes jige clutch in cherry. Yep this one works for me too! And if you are on the fugly side of the opinion poll on this one - well darling, let's call it a statement piece and call it a truce

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WendyB said...

Great shoes!

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