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The Great Ossie Clark - They Can Be Yours!

I have some amazing news.

I recently have arranged to be able to take direct credit cards as a payment method so shopping with me will be a lot easier! However, to do so meant that I had to have Shrimpton Couture customized (yet again) and this time I have decided to go for it 100% and have it custom designed from scratch! That is being done now behind the scenes and while it is happening I don't want to add a ton of new items to Shrimpton Couture (it just adds to the workload of my web guy who has to transfer all the items over to the new site and how much I have to pay him lol). I don't want to stop posting items either and cut my clients off cold so I have decided to post NEW items here on the blog that you can buy!

Here are two fantastic Ossie Clark print tops
The first is labeled and a gorgeous and flattering smock top style
Couture label, Celia Birtwell print, c. 1970s, modern Small - medium

This one is not labeled but unquestionably Ossie Clark
Don't you love the keyhole front?
Celia Birtwell print, c. 1970s, modern Small - medium

If you want more info on either item just send me an email at cherie@shrimptoncouture.com. I can send off invoices through paypal or you can arrange for a credit card payment!

Check back often over the next week or so for more items only available HERE!
I have decided to pull some items from my personal archives that might NEVER actually end up on Shrimpton Couture!
PS. Some of the older items on Shrimpton Couture (the ones under the original e-commerce system - they are identified as such when you click through the pictures of the item - those items are not easy to transfer over to the new site. If you had your eye on one of these you better snatch it up while you can - many of those items will NOT be re-posted).

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