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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Here is another item ONLY available through the blog till the new site is up and running, Click here to get the scoop on that news!

I recently did a private shopping page for a very good client while we worked out a wardrobe for her to travel to Miami with. I gave her a ton of options and though she snatched up 1/2 a dozen dresses, not all worked this time around! That just means that you get to see some never seen before beauties! All three of these pieces will work on a modern small-medium.

First is this wonderful 1960s silk chiffon dress in a bright green with a huge pearl and beaded inset at the waist. The bodice is formed, almost bullet bra fashion and the skirt swings beautifully! It is immaculate and a deeper green than pictured.
It is about a bazillion time better in person actually!

Next is this sexy late 70s number in black textured fabric with a faux wrap skirt and sequins on the top. This has a decidedly Balmain feel to it doesn't it? Its so hot I better get a picture from the girl who buys this number!!

Last in this series is this pretty floral Hawaiian dress. It has a smocked top and ruffled hem. Its made out of cotton bark cloth and is super easy to wear. Its one of those pieces you can go day (flipflops & tote) to night(heels and clutch) in!

If you want more info on any of these items just send me an email at cherie@shrimptoncouture.com. I can send off invoices through paypal or you can arrange for a credit card payment!

Check back often over the next week or so for more items only available HERE!
I have decided to pull some items from my personal archives that might NEVER actually end up on Shrimpton Couture!
PS. Some of the older items on Shrimpton Couture (the ones under the original e-commerce system - they are identified as such when you click through the pictures of the item - those items are not easy to transfer over to the new site. If you had your eye on one of these you better snatch it up while you can - many of those items will NOT be re-posted).

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