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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Only Available Here! 1960s Psychedelic Shift

Fabulous, Bright Printed 1960s Shift Dress

How gorgeous is this little late 1960s dress in its bright psychedelic print dress with its bright pink collar with pretty floral design? All set on an insane background! It should NOT in a million years work but it does! And in the best possible way. I suspect that it once had a pair of matching pants that went under it as the front it slit almost to the waist! I can leave it as is or hand stitch it up for you before shipping - your choice! Approx a modern medium.

This dress is ONLY available through the blog until the new site is up and running!
Send me an email at cherie@shrimptoncouture.com to get more info or to buy.
I can send an invoice through paypal or you can arrange for a direct credit card payment!

To see the other new items posted only on the blog click here to get to the last one posted and then you can link to the others from there, or sort by the tag Only Available Through Blog or just scroll down and read all the older posts till you get the the two Ossie Clark tops that are also available, everything new before that has full details on Shrimpton Couture still.
You can also peek at this Mr. Blackwell that is not officially for sale but might be for the right girl! And you can still browse through the million other items available at Shrimpton Couture by jumping over there!

Remember shipping is FREE worldwide & I take returns!

PS. Some of the older items on Shrimpton Couture (the ones under the original e-commerce system - they are identified as such when you click through the pictures of the item) will not be transferred over to the new & improved site once it goes live. If you had your eye on one of these you better snatch it up while you can!

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