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An Open Letter to Dita Von Teese

Dita, why do you rarely wear vintage anymore? You of all people who defiantly looks like a glamorous old movie starlet even when going to the gym or running daily chores? At one time you where an endless source of content for my Celebrity Vintage Spots. To the point where I would sometimes pass on an ensemble, saying to myself, oh that Dita, yet another vintage outfit. Did you see that this is what was happening and plot to make me hunt in vain for new pictures? Did you?

Dita you stand there looking at me with those eyes as if to say "what else is a girl to do?"

Oh I know you are truly famous now, worldwide and followed relentlessly by the paparazzi. You sit front row at couture and have designers throw their wares at you at every opportunity. Christian Louboutin makes shoes especially for you. I bet he even dyed the ones you wear here to match this pretty retro looking fall 2009 Malandrino dress to the exact perfect green. I bet the dresses you receive from the designers are fitted to your hourglass form perfectly as this one is. Causing men to stand in awe behind you and check out your nether parts.

But I see the look of regret in your eyes Dita.
I know you feel sad to the very depths of your soul that you now feel pressured to push those vintage frocks to the back of your closet in order to satisfy the whims of the designers and your publisicts. I beg you not to be the spokesperson for dresses that look like they should be vintage but are really just copies from designers hopping on a trend.

I know how fabulous it is to slip into the dress that has a price tag on it that is in the thousands of dollars and feel the allure of being a small town girl who has really and truly made it. Who had defeated her mousy brown locks and come to the point where being a burlesque star is now such a socially excepted occupation that it now has its own check off box on government polls.

But Dita don't be afraid to stay true to who you really are. Give us a vintage dress at least once a week. Wear those beauties that we know you have tucked away in the recesses of your designer ridden closet. Pull out those dresses worn by other equally, but lesser known girls of the past and share them with us once again. It will bring the spark back Dita, I promise

Photos: Just Jared

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Hannah said...

Best Post ever. I miss her vintage dresses too!!

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