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NEW ITEM - Only Available Here! Ossie Clark

1970s Red Moss Crepe Corset Dress from Ossie Clark

I have had this beauty tucked away for a while now and pulled it for my client yesterday but she chose another Ossie form my collection. Since I showed it to her, its only fair that the rest of you get a shot at it too! This is a rare corset dress from the great Ossie Clark in red moss crepe. I have tied the front ties fairly simple for these pictures but you can get as wild as you want in how to tie them! This is THE original bondage inspired dress!

It is a LOT brighter red in person and has those crazy ass medieval sleeves that show up every once in awhile on an Ossie. You will not see this dress very often and it is a must have for collectors! You better buy it before I change my mind because I am already crying a bit as I write this! It is of course, immaculate as are all Shrimpton Couture items.

Will fit a modern 4-6.
The waist is extremely forgivable so if you are bigger and small through the shoulders and have thin arms you can still wear it!

This dress is ONLY available through the blog until the new site is up and running!
Send me an email at cherie@shrimptoncouture.com to get more info or to buy.
I can send an invoice through paypal or you can arrange for a direct credit card payment!

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PS. Some of the older items on Shrimpton Couture (the ones under the original e-commerce system - they are identified as such when you click through the pictures of the item) will not be transferred over to the new & improved site once it goes live. If you had your eye on one of these you better snatch it up while you can!

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laurakitty said...

I collect Ossie's and this one is just gorgeous! Too bad I can't afford it as I would totally do it justice...

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