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Chanel - All that is Old is New

The Chanel 2010 Resort collection was definitely a plethora of archival references mixed in with a strong street vibe and indie designer appeal. It was a real hodge podge of eras that worked for me. I sometimes do not completely love the Chanel line - I appreciate it but it does not always work on my frame but I was pleasantly surprised by this collection.

I was cruising the web and saw these shots arranged so perfectly at Maholo Fashion that I copied them for you. She has a knack for putting things together and the capped captions embedded in each set of photos are hers.

Corsets & 1970s nautical stripes mixed with big travel bags whose shapes have been around since the turn of the century

The collection had a definite under current of the great 1920s running through it.
Karl's observations on our current economics perhaps?

Does any one else find the one girl with the stick straight hair odd when every other girl has the flapper curls happening? The jingle ..."one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong" is running through my head as I look at this group.

I want to take the jacket on the far right and wear it over a harem panted jumpsuit with a serious plunge front and stacked platforms and maybe a Glamourai neckpiece.

My favorite group. And I would just like you to take a teeny tiny moment and note how similar the lines and looks are to some of the RSVP pieces I have on the site. Did you just get a rush of styling ideas for those pieces now? See how the color of the red tight makes the lace pop. You can thank me later.

I would also like to add that even though it will throw the lines of the dress off - I will give up my right arm if you buy me the entire outfit shown on the far right of the above grouping. At very least I will try to remember to hug you WITH my right arm in-between jumping up and down ecstatically before fainting in a crumpled heap on the floor - ensemble in death grip of course. Even unconscious I know me a good dress.

This group says 1980s to me - early nineties - the beginning of the era of the minimalist movement but with still the touch of bling and lines of the eighties

And then we have the thirties, bold lush fresh floral prints, bias cuts, dropped waists and exuberant colors all mixed up with a completely modern feel. Love this entire grouping and it is inspiring me to go and pull some vintage pieces that have this feel for Shrimpton Couture!

Bravo Karl, bravo

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smashingbird said...

i love this collection, and the hair, it's just how I want mine to look!

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