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I discovered a lovely blog today that I thought I would share with you

Musings - Brocante

Its a visual feast and if you love vintage and things from past eras you will fall in love

The girl that writes it says it best on her about me blurb which I have copied below.
What I want to know is how did she get into me head to write this?
Go peek

au sujet de moi


it's a vintage thing. It's my endless fascination with mementos of yesteryear. it's a love affair with vintage photos, and petit tresors. it's about the ugly duckling - finding a diamond in the rough at a flea market and envisioning it's transformation. it's a softly aged look. it's creative passion. it's imagining the possibilities. it's about pale tan, cream, sepia, gray, slate blue and moss green. it's about creating livable elegance. it's chandeliers and peeling, faded paint. it's pools of creamy velvet curtains and layers of sheer muted silks. it's feminine. it's romantic. it's timeless.

it's a french thing. it's street markets and boulangeries & patisseries. it's about random moments of incredible beauty and the bridges at night. it's the eiffel tower and the seine. it's joie de vivre.

it's a glamour thing. it's about dressing for dinner. it's about tucking a flower in your hair. it's about dance cards and calling cards. it's all in the details. it's bias-cut silk velvets aged to antique perfection. it's about dressing tables and bead work from the roaring 20's. it's la vie boheme. it's about delicate lingerie and silk stockings. it's risqué. it's about a fairytale world where nothing is discrete, tidy or expected. It's about burnished edwardian lace and twinkling fairy lights. it's running about in capes and gothic skirts with lace blouses that have huge ruffled cuffs. it's about feeling gorgeous and feminine.

it's who i am.

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Denise @ Swelle said...

That really is a gorgeous blog, I love how she delights in the details. Dreamy!

Thanks for the introduction!

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