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Cape Fear Not

Can I just say I have never seen anyone make a cape look quite so sexy so very/very hot as Cherie's mannequin does in her pictures. How does she do that? I give her some demure little number- O.K. it was black lace but still- and then she wraps those straps in all sorts of ways I hadn't imagined yet. "You wait here darling," Veronica says, handing Date No.9 a lychee martini.. "I'll just go slip into my- CAPE"

Well I did put quite a satin few ribbons on this one. Whoever ends up with this lovely will probably invent more ways to wear it. Please send us the pics if you time. Have always loved the drama of a cape so I took long full gathered Victorian skirt of divine fine/fine black Chantilly lace and Ripped it in half. Eyes closed. Otherwise I could mess up. The rest was simple, dear but simple; those are real 11mm pearls on that couture gold lace ruffled collar. Edges all now gracefully hand finished and you'd never know the trauma of its creation. I do love a ruff , just swoon over those complex gigantic lace spacecraft like collars orbiting the princess in the painting. I'm hoping to start a trend (o.k. Cherie and me that makes two so far) towards the ever practical cape and ruff for fall 2010. Particularily where I live as my car always gets stuck in the snow and I want to look good when handling the situation. Just like a princess in a painting. xoxoRSVP


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