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Sunnie Days Ahead

If you are a regular reader of The Glamourai's blog you know that for a while she has been customizing vintage sunnies. She takes the original frames and has the lenses replaced - selecting hues and graduations at whim to produce one of a kind fabulous pieces!

Her capsule collection of jewels and baubles that she has
(and still is making- watch for new necklaces in the next few days)
for Shrimpton Couture is a hit
and by hit I mean if you like a piece you better grab it cause they FLY out the door and are often reserved for their new owner before I even get them.
Which is good becasue then I cannot keep them all!

I kept seeing Kelly wearing these gorgeous creations on her blog and being me, decided I had to have a collection for my lovely clients. And again, being me, demanded that they be made from snooty designer frames to match all of the lovely vintage couture my gorgeous clients have. And my darling Kelly, has not only filled that request, but went straight to the top as far as designers go!

Her first official exclusive capsule collection of self-designed vintage couture sunnies are all made from vintage YSL frames.

SIX wonderful creations are headed my way!

Each is a one-of-a-kind creation and tres brilliant as one would expect.






They will be on the shop by early next week - contact me to pre-order your pair!

Wanna see the Sunnies in action?

Check out The Glamourai's blog post today!
I took it upon myself to steal a snapshot

Not only is that pair of sunnies in the picture #6 down above BUT that fabulous necklace?
An exclusive sneak peek - yep that too is headed my way and will soon be up for grabs for a lucky Shrimpton Girl!

Update Two:
The soon to come sunnies & neck-piece had more NYC adventures - these shots where taken by Jessica from What I Wore on her lunch date with Kelly today!
Had to share


princessdominique said...

Love these. I think they are sooooo adorable! *swoooon*

Dream Sequins said...

Wow. I love these so much.

Lucia said...

I love love love them!!!

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i wish i could pull these off...i would so buy one!

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