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Rachel Zoe in Shrimpton Couture!

You all know how much I love Rachel Zoe.

How can you not love a girl who loves vintage like Rachel does?
I am especially happy to post today's celebrity vintage spot of Rachel herself, wearing a 1970s chiffon jumpsuit direct from the racks at Shrimpton Couture on her way to Zac Posen for New York Fashion Week. She sent these over herself before running out the door.
Doesn't she look fabulous?

I Die Rachel

Well once again an item from Shrimpton Couture is out having WAY more fun than me at the moment. Rachel and her jumpsuit went to the Zac Posen show this morning

(pic from @AnnieBrat twitpic files)

She did press in it

(pic from Canadian's own Fashion File host @adrianmainella twit pics)

And Rachel herself posted this picture in Twitter working on her 2010 handbag collection for QVC while wearing her new jumper!

(follow Rachel @rzrachelzoe & you can follow me on twitter @shrimptoncoutur)

and just now WWD posted pics of
Rachel front row at the Carolina Herrera RTW Spring 2010

Update #2
Last one I promise and then we will go back to being non-geeky. Looks like Rachel ended her day in SC vintage by attending the Donna Karan Collection. I was a teeny bit excited to live vicariously through the jumpsuit when she sat with Joe Zee (Creative Director of ELLE Magazine & @mrjoezee on twitter) and Milla Jovovich in the front row

Donna Karan Collection - Front Row - Spring 2010 MBFW

Donna Karan Collection - Front Row - Spring 2010 MBFW

And I must must must thank the wonderful Vera at my favorite Gossip blog
I'm Not Obsessed for doing this fabulous post


Midtown Girl said...


Love her & how awesome is this!!


Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

It's not everyone who can boast Rachel Zoe as a client. Congrats!

Denise @ Swelle said...

How fantastic!! She was made for vintage, she looks awesome. Way to go!!

smashingbird said...

how very fabulous!

Friend in Fashion said...

Great post!

Hanako66 said...

so cool for you, congratulations!!!

she look ba-nanas!


She looks good, and comfy too...as if that's possible at any other space in time.
And it really is the color of Bananas!

Louise said...

Rachel proves that when done right, the jumpsuit is all kinds of stylish but casual fabulousness.

Jeanne Suica Vintage & Collectable Clothing said...

Congrats! For all of your hard work and fabulous taste you certainly deserve it! I'm really proud of you!

alexkeller said...

i love her, too. and there's nothing wrong with a little tooting your own horn :) jealous about the jumpsuit....

Jahayra said...

LOVE Rachel! Her vintage collection is sick! I love love her accesories! Xo

Amber said...

YAY i am happy for you congrats xoxo i am looovveeee with rachel zoe and your online boutique as well i wish you much more success in the future !

Sandra said...

omg! I'm gone for a few weeks and you're off dressing celeb stylists!!! Yay Cherie!

alixrose said...

Oh my gosh how awesome of her to send you that pic and I can see why she wanted it, its stylish and looks amazingly comfortable.
Yeah for you and shrimp couture!

Annie Spandex said...

That's terrific!!!

Anonymous said...

love her!!!

lacy said...

love her!

Anonymous said...

i would LOVE to know who makes this jumpsuit...it's absolutely beautiful! I love Rachel Zoe's style!

Anonymous said...

who makes this? i love it!

Shrimpton Couture said...

For all that asked about who made the jumpsuit - it was a little no name anonymous piece! Love that Rachel is NOT a label snob - just a girl who has great taste :)

Anonymous said...


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