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Celebrity Vintage Spot - MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL

Maggie rocks a vintage YSL dress.
Love the dress - can't say I love those shoes paired with it
I would have loved to see something lighter and strappier.
Do you agree?


Anka Papuli said...

Definitely agree! I don't know how they look from the side, but from here they look kinda granny-ish. The dress is gorgeous but it is an all-over print so she should have gone with something a bit lighter to balance it out.

Anka Papuli

smashingbird said...

I agree, maybe something completely contrasting would be cool, nice dress tho!

HAL said...

i love the dress, but i do totally agree with you. seems unfinished somehow.


Nina said...

beautiful dress!!


Keri Shrimpton said...

I love the dress too, but I have another question. From the looks of the picture, this was for the oscar nominees luncheon...the shoes definitely don't seem right, but with the right shoes, do you think the dress was appropriate for the event?

Shygasm said...

I totally agree! She's turned a lovely YSL dress into backyard bbq wear. The shoes are a complete and utter failure.


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