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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Did she plan to be this fabulously coordinated with her car?

Shrimpton favorite - blogger Susie of Style Bubble fame, steps into her Citroen car during London Fashion week. Susie is the type of girl who can show up, see her ride is covered in the most outlandish of patterns (green 60s wallpaper anyone?) and yet STILL somehow be perfectly, magically coordinated with it and will probably set off a flurry of designers to their color boards to prep Spring 2012 catwalk line-ups in a palette of pinks, teals and greens. I am so sure of it that next spring I will reference back to this picture as proof and do something silly if I am not right!

Me, I would be standing next to the car in some weird shade of chartreuse or yellow and look like a bad 70s kitchenette. Les sigh. Some girls are just magical like that. 

I love this picture so had to share. And I love Susie - she has posted about Shrimpton Couture on several occasions for which I am eternally grateful. Her support has meant the world. She is and will be a fashion powerhouse and she is super super nice too. A refreshing combination.

Susie this is officially one of my favorite pictures ever! 


Photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

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maggie said...

ok fabulous girl..here`s how you rock it.. Borrow the Citroen from Susie..pose next to it wearing Jonathan Saunders Fall 2011.. That`s how you roll... xo

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