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Celebrity Vintage Spot?

I have been trying to avoid posting endless pictures of the Sex And The City Girls. They are everywhere lately and most of the Gossip sites are doing a fabulous job of coverage.

However, if a come across a dress that is vintage then I can't help but put it out there for you all.

Now I know this is not the best picture - of either her or the dress - doesn't she look like she is thinking she is just a tad tired of all the SATC hype? AND I cannot 100% verify that this is a vintage dress but it has that feel to me that it is. That paired with the fact that I know Kristen Davis has a soft spot for vintage makes me suspect that this is indeed a retro frock.

I love the color on her and it almost (but not quite) reinstates her to full girlfriend status despite her Michael Kors transgression.

I might like you again Kirsten, not love, oh no not love, but a definite like

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Unknown said...

I think a better plot for the story would be all the girls get rich like in the show "Roseanne". But instead of just wasting the money, they help people like the homeless.

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